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How It Works: choose a Kradam fan work, get permission (or check for blanket permission) to use the fan work, and get to remixing, recycling, reusing, and reimagining. The trick is that as long as permission is obtained and it's a Kradam fic, no other rules apply. (Always wanted to see if you could remix a fic where the write is out of fandom and thus unlikely to join a remix challenge with assignments? Ever wanted to expand on a collection of art but art is rarely included in remix challenges? This is the place to do it all.)
Accepted Fanworks: all remixes of Kradam fan works used with permission

How It Works: ...look, I don't think this one has a snowball's chance in a fry-cooker, but come on, someone had to say it. Fanfic, fanart, fancake, winsome handmade scarfs or bag buttons, whatever. The point is that a fox, in reference or, um, person, has to be involved.
Dates: Due date would be November 1st.
Fanworks: All the standard media that's welcome at 'Madness.
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Some particular favorites of mine thus far:

How It Works:

I like reel challenges, but as far as I know they're supposed to be movie fusions only. I'd kinda like to include TV shows as well. We can have a list of shows/movies/etc and have people claim one as a prompt. Since a regular round here is a month, I think giving them three weeks to create something would be enough.

I think we can get a variety of works with something like this.

Accepted Fanworks: Anything you can come up with.

How It Works: Create a fanwork based on a song. It can be something from Kris or Adam's albums. It can be something they've covered. It can be a fic about how a theme week was different on Idol, and what songs they chose. The sky's the limit, you just have to involve a song.
Dates: (it would be cool to tie this with Music in Our Schools Month, but that's March, so I'll say open-ended)
Accepted Fanworks: ANYTHING. Write a fic. Create a fanmix. Embroider something with lyrics. Post a YouTube video of yourself dressed as on of the boys singing the song of your choice.
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Pick an old favorite prompt from any prompt post and put a price on it! Let's see how many we can get filled!

I have three (unfilled) prompts here (this one is my favorite!), here, and here. But please! Go through the old prompt posts, pick out any you like, and ask for people to write them! It's for charity! :D

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