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Name:Like a cake without frosting (Helen)
Birthdate:Jun 16
About Me

Came here from LJ, love it, feels very cozy. Primarily non-fandom on this journal, that tends to be reserved for tumblr, but it will pop up now and again. Mid-20s. Perpetual student who desperate to be Done with school - I have an Associate of Applied Science for Commercial Photography, and I'm working on a Bachelor of Liberal Arts for Political Science with a minor in Spanish. Bisexual, lapsed Christian, liberal-leaning moderate/independent.

I do not post often! I do good to post once a month, though I usually manage to make it into the double-digits before a year's passed. Please feel free to subscribe with or without notification - my assumption will be that you're tracking my public posts. I probably won't subscribe back unless we've had some modicum of interaction somewhere, though. And as bad as I am about posting, I'm even worse about commenting (or even replying to comments). But I do read entries!

Me and Fandom

I first discovered fanfic - though I didn't realize that's what it was at the time - in the form of an Animorph archive that I have never been able to find again, and so, tragically, I was never able to finish reading my first fic, which was a WIP at the time. I went from Animorphs to anime, wrote some fic in the Naruto fandom, segued into Tamora Pierce and wrote fic for her Tortall books, and somehow found my way into more popular fandoms from there, including SGA, Harry Potter, Avengers, Supernatural, etc. My current main fandom is Hockey RPF, my regular side piece is the Fast and Furious fandom, and I'll dabble in other things as they catch my fancy, although I'm largely monofandom.

I don't really write fanfic anymore, although I keep coming up with some (if I do say so myself) awesome ideas I would like others to write and my bros keep pestering me to write. I will do the occasional art piece, and have participated as an artist in a number of Big Bangs (first time doing a BB, and I did eight in one year, holy God never again). But nowadays, my fandom participation is largely limited to reading, flailing, and occasionally recording podfic and dabbling in beta-ing.

Me and Sports

I'm not the hugest sports fan, but I have played, coached, and refereed soccer, and if I watch enough games with someone to explain what's going on, I can pick up and follow almost any sport. I root for the Seattle Seahawks because they're my hometown team (or as closest as I get, never having actually lived somewhere with a pro sports team) and the New Orleans Saints (because they were the reigning Superbowl champions when I first got into football, and I'm a sucker for an underdog story). I'll vaguely root for the Dodgers, Mariners, Padres, and Cardinals if I catch a baseball game, but I'm not really invested in baseball.

My current sports love, however, is hockey. My heart-of-hearts team is the Columbus Blue Jackets, because I started watching hockey around March of 2013, and remember what I said about being a sucker for an underdog story? Unlike with fandom, however, I am apparently capable of giving my loyalties to multiple sports team? Which is a problem, because my three (...of several) top teams are not only in the same conference, they're in the same division: the Blue Jackets, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Washington Capitals. I also have a vague emotional investment in the success of the Dallas Stars, the Calgary Flames, and (given this most recent off-season) the Edmonton Oilers and Buffalo Sabres.

I'm super-stoked that interest in women's hockey has grown so much, and I can't wait to see the NWHL's inaugural season this fall. Since I don't live in the northeast, I picked my team based on which players signed where, so I am a New York Riveters fan courtesy of their goaltender Nana Fujimoto. For the CWHL, I root for the Calgary Inferno (BADASS SHADOW FIRELADY FTW).
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