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Some of the amazing art I've come across looking for recs this month. Also, I am rebelling against every piece of XMFC art being named XMFC or X-Men: First Class! If that's the name of your art, I will dub it something different in my rec post, JSYK. Otherwise they would all be named "XMFC," and that gets awfully boring.

Are you digging around in here, Charles? Whatever are you looking for? by [tumblr.com profile] roymustangs
Possibly one of my favorite original-trilogy-era graphics in the X-Men fandom. I can't even tell you why I love it so much - the caps chosen, the quote, the colorizations...I just love it.

Storm by guon--22 on DA
Awesome black-and-white ink drawing of old-school HBIC Storm from the comics.

Renamed! Get Your Badass On by MARCIOABREU7 on DA
Equally fabulous black-and-white pen drawing of Gambit, Rogue and Wolverine from the comics.

Expecto Patronum by tangerine-skye on DA
There seems to be a trend lately to cross everything over with Harry Potter, and so Charles and Erik have been sorted into Hufflepuff and Slytherin. And discovered their patroni. And of course Charles' patronus is a rat. And of course Erik's patronus is a shark. Also, they make adorable chibis (but don't tell Erik! :D)

Renamed! Bombs bursting in air by zerinku on DA
A beautiful digital painting of the Beach Divorce, complete with the falling rockets in the sky.

I found you again by waterylt on DA
(I have dubbed this wheelchair!ceiling!Charles) Utterly adorable. She has even more adorable arts on her tumblr.

Rogue by cicar5lli on DA
Fantastic pencil drawing of Rogue from the first movie.

Kurt Wagner by nraza on DA
Cute pencil drawing of Evolution-era Kurt. He looks annoyed :)
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And I come bearing X-Men recs, also. :P I'm going to try and avoid the big ones everyone else is rec'ing, and bring you some lesser-known fics for your perusal. There will be some recs involving the original trilogy, as well.

A Walk on Part in the War by [profile] kyandui
PG-13 | Charles/Erik | ~1,100 | Beach scene AU
It would be completely reasonable for this to have sent Charles over the edge. Perhaps it should have.
I love Charles' feeling of helplessness and desperation in this, and Raven's contribution - so often in beach scene AU's people forget that she wasn't thrown back with the others. Heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.

Fight the Future by ninemoons42
PG | Charles/Erik pre-slash | ~1,200 | Beach scene AU
This is what happens when they turn back the clock.
Erik just wants someone to tell him to stop - a slightly different take on him in this scene. A short, quiet alternate ending.

Shave and Secure by [personal profile] verizonhorizon
R | Charles/Erik | ~1,400 |
Charles tests the fine points of Erik's control by having Erik shave him – without using his hands.
Shaving leads to sex. As it rightly should.

Control by [profile] citizenjess
PG-13 | Charles/Erik pre-slash | ~2,000 | Post First Class
Magneto gets more than bargained for when he tangles with William Stryker for the first time.
The line "I suppose we'll just spend our lives saving one another from peril," makes my heart ache in light of the events of X2.

Phantom by Penknife
NC-17 | Rogue/Erik | ~700 | Post X-Men
He's just her ghost.
Not all of the personalities in Rogue's mind are female. Masturbation.

Gravity by Penknife
PG-13 | Rogue (Charles/Erik) | ~2,100 | Pre X2
Rogue's learning to live with the weight.
I love the way authors (this one in particular) portray how Rogue interacts with the personalities of those she's absorbed. A quiet moment on a stone bench on a cool day.

POV by [profile] sasha_b
PG-13 | Rogue (Charles/Erik) | ~500 | Post X-Men
Rogue and Magneto connected for a long time; she remembers everything.
A look into Rogue's head after the events of First Class.

Jus Ad Bellum by [personal profile] seperis
NC-17 | Rogue, Carol Danvers, X-Men (Rogue/Logan) | ~157,000 | Post X-Men
Rogue slips into an alternate universe where Magneto's machine worked.
WARNING: graphic depictions of violence, mentions of rape. This is not for the faint-hearted, but you can always trust Seperis to deliver an epic that will engross you and make a point. It's worth the effort, but don't read this lightly. How frighteningly easy it is to do a 180 on your mindset and morals without even realizing.

These are my friends; see how they glisten by [profile] zombieboyband
PG | Charles/Erik | WIP | Recruiting Road Trip
On the World Bromance Tour, Charles just isn't his best in the morning.
I love not-a-morning-person!Charles oh so very much. His worry and confusion at the end are perfect, and I'm looking forward to the next part.

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