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  • On a non-fandom front, I've been plugging along with my photography degree. This semester we're doing portraiture, which should be awesome because yay portraits! I love portraits! But is in fact not awesome for two key reasons: my professor from last semester that I absolutely despise also teaches this class, which I was bitterly disappointed to discover because I took this class specifically thinking it wasn't taught by him; and we apparently can't reuse models. Given that I know all of seven people in Las Vegas who might be willing to pose for me, and there are fourteen assignments plus the final series, this is a bit of a predicament for me. Bearing that in mind, if there is anyone in the Las Vegas area who would like to do a little bit of modeling, please contact me, and we can maybe work something out? Particularly anyone who has unusual pets (meaning anything not cats or dogs, or hamsters/guinea pigs), like snakes.
  • Some samples of what I've done:
an angled head-and-shoulders portrait of a read-haired young woman on a dark background portrait of a young woman in a white patterned sundress sitting on a bench against a grey background portrait of a young latino woman in a brilliant green headscarf, holding it close to her cheek

Also, my Identity series can be seen here.

Virtual human development game

free human development game


helenorvana: (Personalized - Helen for autumn)
Length: 5:18
Music used: Loss of a Twin (Brian Tyler), Rapid Eye Movement (coda) (David Cook)
Summary: An old woman does the same general thing every day of the week except Sundays, when she does something completely different.
Streaming: On Youtube or below:

Sundays )

The Bachelor and the Dog
Length: 7:32
Music used: Tip Toe Waltz (Yoko Kanno), River Flows in You (Yurima), In Absentia: Peace (Kevin Keller Ensemble)
Summary: While on his morning walk, a lonely bachelor finds a lost dog.
Streaming: On Youtube or below:

The Bachelor and the Dog (bonus gag reel!) )

The Chef

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