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ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting

They just opened up projects for complementary claims here. Anyone can claim a project, whether they've been participating up until now or not.
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Junetide is an Original Works Gift Exchange. It is inspired by Yuletide and Yuletart, but is based around original works rather than fanworks. Both art and fiction are welcome! All genres and styles are welcome!

In a nutshell: Every participant in Junetide will create something (like a story, a comic, or a picture) based on another participant’s prompt. If you wish to receive a gift then you must sign up and create something for someone else.

The Junetide Schedule:

14th-28th March: Sign-ups.
1st April: Prompts are posted.
1st-7th April: Prompt selection.
16th April: Assignments are sent out no later than this date.
14th May: Last day to drop out without penalty.
14th June: Deadline for assignments.
21st June: Anonymous posting of work begins.
25th June: Deadline for pinch-hit assignments and treats.
~30th June: Anonymous posting of work ends.
~a few days later: Gift creators are revealed. (These two dates will be finalised when there is a better idea of how many participants there are.)
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Pick an old favorite prompt from any prompt post and put a price on it! Let's see how many we can get filled!

I have three (unfilled) prompts here (this one is my favorite!), here, and here. But please! Go through the old prompt posts, pick out any you like, and ask for people to write them! It's for charity! :D

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On Livejournal:

> Auctions open: 14 March
> Auctions continue until: 26 March
> Final reminders re donations and completed bids: 28 March
> Auctions close: 31 March

Primary currency: USD

On Dreamwidth:

Image of a flooded town, superimposed with a boat caught in a whirlpool; text reads Help Japan.

Offers are open as of March 12, 2pm GMT.

Bids are set to open 48h later, on March 14, 2pm GMT.

The auction will close in one week, on March 20, at 12nn GMT.

Default currency: pound sterling (GBP)

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