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(Yes, I do still plan to do a "Hi, it's been a while!" post, but that probably won't be for another few weeks yet.)

I will be graduating with and Associates of Applied Sciences in Digital Photography at the end of this semester, although I'll technically have to take one more class over the summer. I had the same professor for my beginning and intermediate classes, and he always started us off with a scavenger sort of assignment. In Beginning, it was literally a scavenger hunt: we had ten objects indoors and ten objects outdoors that we had to find and photograph, including a statue, a toilet, and ice cream. In Intermediate it was a little more interesting: the theme was "Time," and we had to take five photographs that represented hard times, pastime, summer time, wasted time, and just time. I interpreted hard times and time rather liberally, and while I liked the final images and felt they related to the prompts, he was apparently aiming for something a little more literal.

But I really loved the concept of interpreting prompts creatively. So, as if three of the most difficult photography classes all in one semester wasn't enough on my plate, I also signed up for [community profile] snapshot_bingo for the spring. Here's my card below:

Reading Door H Weather Six
Sound R Meat Sign Perfect
Awesome ComfortableFree Space Clouds Portrait
Yellow Plate Dim O Late
Rainbow Father P Home B
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  • On a non-fandom front, I've been plugging along with my photography degree. This semester we're doing portraiture, which should be awesome because yay portraits! I love portraits! But is in fact not awesome for two key reasons: my professor from last semester that I absolutely despise also teaches this class, which I was bitterly disappointed to discover because I took this class specifically thinking it wasn't taught by him; and we apparently can't reuse models. Given that I know all of seven people in Las Vegas who might be willing to pose for me, and there are fourteen assignments plus the final series, this is a bit of a predicament for me. Bearing that in mind, if there is anyone in the Las Vegas area who would like to do a little bit of modeling, please contact me, and we can maybe work something out? Particularly anyone who has unusual pets (meaning anything not cats or dogs, or hamsters/guinea pigs), like snakes.
  • Some samples of what I've done:
an angled head-and-shoulders portrait of a read-haired young woman on a dark background portrait of a young woman in a white patterned sundress sitting on a bench against a grey background portrait of a young latino woman in a brilliant green headscarf, holding it close to her cheek

Also, my Identity series can be seen here.

Virtual human development game

free human development game


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I took a jaunt to San Diego in July of last year - not realizing that it was the same weekend as Comic Con. Considering I hadn't made any sort of plans other than my intent to visit Los Angeles and San Diego and get lost (both of which I accomplished, in both cities, so there's that), you can imagine my frustration trying to find a hotel room for Saturday night at ~midnight. I ended up staying a night at a sorority house for my Tau Beta Sigma, my sister's sorority. I spent the rest of the time at the Marina Inn, not a block from the Inner Harbor. I loved it there. San Diego is a beautiful city.

The room where I stayed in Los Angeles. It was marvelous, and I wished I'd stayed there more than just the one night.

San Diego in July )
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...except all of these were taken with my parents' crappy point-and-shoot digital camera, since I forgot to pack my own camera. WHY?

I went to Zion National Park with Alana for I believe Martin Luther King Day. Yes, that's in January. Yes, it was cold and wet and empty. It was awesome. Apparently, you normally have to take a bus into the park? But we were able to drive right in. There were very few people in the park, and we got to explore almost all the trails, though certain ones (like Angels Landing?) we decided not while there was ice and snow on the ground.

Snowy, dreary, majestic Zion )

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