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...you guys. I am making a family tree that covers 1060 years, 20+ generations, and 150+ actors and actresses. Why yes, I am finding actors, actresses, musicians, celebrities, etc that look similar enough to be considered family over a period of generations, all relating eventually back to Kris Allen, why do you ask? The canvas size is literally 6 feet by 10 feet, and it's not big enough. All of this work, and you want to know the kicker? The story hasn't even been written yet.

Someone save me from my insanity. Except not really, because when it isn't making me pull my hair out in frustration, it's utterly engrossing and proof of my utter ridiculousness. And my stubbornness - by now, I refuse to quit until it's bloody well finished.
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Oh dear, there's so many!

Let's see, we've got [personal profile] thefourthvine's Crossover Paradise, with Reboot Spock, Kirk and Uhura as Dom, Brian and Letty from The Fast and the Furious, which I'm not quite sure how I want to tackle yet, but I very much want to tackle.

Then there's this prompt by [personal profile] inbetweencabs (which also produced the ever epic and fantastic Take All the Time Lost by [personal profile] writhedbeneath), that I'm very slowly planning/outlining a comic of sorts for.

And then there are a couple [personal profile] inception_kink art fills I was contemplating, including one of Arther and Eames as the angel/devil on Cobb's shoulder, and another of Arthur and Eames as Daniel and Vala from Stargate: SG-1. I have vague notions for a plot for this prompt, though I have no idea if I'd ever actually write/draw it. Then there's the Aladdin prompt. I'm not even in the Inception fandom; why are there so many art fills I want to do for it?

This isn't counting the various Big Bangs I'm still signed up for, and various other ongoing projects, including [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Oy. Best get crackin', no?
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Title: His Royal Highness, Princess Kristopher
Author: [personal profile] eirana_regan
Fandom: American Idol
Media: Graphics

Type: Romance/Crack
Word Count:
Rating: NC-17
Warnings sexual content, mild language, complete and utter silliness, possible mpreg
Summary: Kris Allen had known that he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life doing nothing but charity work. He's made it his main focus over the years, but as Crown Prince of Arkansas, he'd known that it wasn't going to last forever. Kings can't exactly spend the majority of their reign in other countries helping other people and neglecting their own. Still, Kris had thought he had a few more years of freedom before he'd have to give up taking such an active role in his work. Then his parents arrange a marriage for him...

Notes: Done for [community profile] kradambigbang
Done in Photoshop. Huge thanks to [personal profile] eirana_regan for her patience and suggestions. His Royal Highness is delightful, and you all need to read it and leave her lots of love!


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