Aug. 10th, 2015

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I don't remember if I ever did a who-I-am post back when I first got this thing, but since I'm going to try and use this a little more often (my journalling on-off phases last years sometimes), I figured it's probably due for a revamped post in any case. There's a condensed version of this in my profile, jsyk.

All About Me: RL, Fandom, and Sports-wise )

Well! That's a lot more than I've written about myself in a long time! The t;dr version: I'm soon to graduate college, I crochet when I'm bored (which is basically all the time), most of my fandom stuff is on twitter or tumblr, and I'm super into the hockey thing right now :)

Find me places!
[ profile] helenorvana - best place to actually interact with me
[ profile] helenorvana - mostly photos of crochet projects and clouds
[ profile] helenorvana - most of my fandom flailing, mostly via reblogs

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