May. 5th, 2013

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It has been a fucking long semester, I have one week left, and this has been a miserable week to top it all off. Started last Sunday night when I took a brutal fall on my scooter (yes, I have a foot-pedal scooter, leave me alone, it is awesome): nasty scrapes on my right forearm and upper arm; deep, deep bruising on my upper arm on top of that (which has finally gotten to the point of looking worse than it hurts, but it's a nasty mess of yellow and purple and ick); more deep nasty bruises on my right shin just below the knee... I was going at a pretty fair clip and tried to bunny-hop up onto the sidewalk (which I do all the time, it's easy), missed, and face-planted, skidded across the concrete, and smashed into the decorative brick. Yeah. Then I've been sick since Wednesday when I had to shoot six assignments this weekend (yes, six - I am taking three shooting classes this semester and that is the biggest mistake of my life). Then Thursday I get hit by my own car, so now I'm bruised all over, I re-sprained my ankle, and I'm just miserable.

Here, have some links (mixed bag of awesome, odd, and rage-inducing):

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The Chef

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