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What is your favorite beverage?
My usual answer is root beer, but it occurs to me that's not actually the case. My favorite beverage is, in fact, 2% milk.

If you had to go without liquid for an entire day, would you drink water or your favorite beverage when liquids were available again?
It depends on what the weather's been like or what I've been doing that day, but 7 times out of 10 it'll be milk, not water.

What is your favorite food?
I don't really have one? I'll say steak-and-potatoes.

If you had to go without food for an entire day, what would be the first food you'd eat when food was available again?
It also depends, but mainly on what I've craving at that point. Anything from cereal to cookies to crackers to lasagna. I've done all of them, many many times.

How would you react if both your favorite food and your favorite beverage were available to the public but were somehow unattainable to you?
Sulk and pout. And whine, and beg, and rage. It would not be pretty, or dignified.

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