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(Yes, I do still plan to do a "Hi, it's been a while!" post, but that probably won't be for another few weeks yet.)

I will be graduating with and Associates of Applied Sciences in Digital Photography at the end of this semester, although I'll technically have to take one more class over the summer. I had the same professor for my beginning and intermediate classes, and he always started us off with a scavenger sort of assignment. In Beginning, it was literally a scavenger hunt: we had ten objects indoors and ten objects outdoors that we had to find and photograph, including a statue, a toilet, and ice cream. In Intermediate it was a little more interesting: the theme was "Time," and we had to take five photographs that represented hard times, pastime, summer time, wasted time, and just time. I interpreted hard times and time rather liberally, and while I liked the final images and felt they related to the prompts, he was apparently aiming for something a little more literal.

But I really loved the concept of interpreting prompts creatively. So, as if three of the most difficult photography classes all in one semester wasn't enough on my plate, I also signed up for [community profile] snapshot_bingo for the spring. Here's my card below:

Reading Door H Weather Six
Sound R Meat Sign Perfect
Awesome ComfortableFree Space Clouds Portrait
Yellow Plate Dim O Late
Rainbow Father P Home B
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