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  • I've started playing a couple of apps obsessively: Songpop (I'm HelenBiro, come play!) and Modern War (852-223-449). MW I think is based on an old Facebook game, Armies? I used to play that constantly a year or so ago, but MW has much prettier graphics, and there are explosions :P As far as the Songpop goes, just know if you send me a playlist of something like UK 80's Collection or K-pop, I will respond with Modern Country.
  • Speaking of games, I'm also playing Human Age. I guess it's sort of like a way-scaled down sort of Civilization? You start off controlling a caveperson, and you get to do things like hunt mammoths and learn how to make fire. It's not every time-consuming - just log in once a day, do a couple of tasks, and log back out. Come join us! I'm Biro of the Tooth Grinders.
  • On a non-gaming front Flip, Puff and I have been watching a Kdrama called Goong, or Princess Hours. It is absolutely delightful. Unlike the other two, I pretty much disliked Yul from the start, partly because I don't think the actor's very good. But a main reason is that I've discovered over time that in the case of a married couple, even if they're having trouble or just don't seem to be right for each other, I will almost always root for them first. I have an instant dislike for anyone who comes in from the outside and tries to pursue someone who's married, knowingly and regardless. I don't like Hyo-rin much anymore for the same reason. You flat-out told him no, chica, you don't get to pursue him afterwards. Chae-kyung is adorably innocent, and Shin is an asshole who's slowly getting better.
  • I've had dragons on the brain for the last few weeks, first because I finally read the Temeraire books (so good!) and then I listened to the Queensguard podfic, and then mainlined the rest of the stories. I have been desperately craving a Queensguard/Temeraire crossover, but I suspect that will have to wait until (hopefully until, not if) the Queensguard books are published. Good luck on that, [personal profile] arasigyrn!
  • Somewhat as a consequence of the timing of all of this, I have it firmly in my head-canon that Chae-kyung is Ling from Queensguard.
  • I wonder who I can bribe to write me fic where Stiles gets hit with a fertility curse that turns him into a woman, and the curse will only break after he's made all possible attempts to get pregnant. Which, simple solution is sex without contraceptives, yes, but he'd still be a woman for a minimum of two weeks, since pregnancy doesn't always take right away. So he goes to Derek, because "there's no way I'm asking Scott, okay, just eww, no, and not Jackson either, because also eww for entirely different reasons also I think Lydia might kill me, and I don't even know Boyd and Isaac is a puppy." And of course Stiles gets pregnant, and there is angst and flailing and panic, and poor Sheriff Stilinski just was not prepared for his son to become a teen mom.
  • Mostly I want the above because I desperately want the visual of girl!Stiles riding Derek.
  • Also, anyone who would be willing to write me planet fic would have my endless devotion, just sayin' :P
  • On a non-fandom front, I've been plugging along with my photography degree. This semester we're doing portraiture, which should be awesome because yay portraits! I love portraits! But is in fact not awesome for two key reasons: my professor from last semester that I absolutely despise also teaches this class, which I was bitterly disappointed to discover because I took this class specifically thinking it wasn't taught by him; and we apparently can't reuse models. Given that I know all of seven people in Las Vegas who might be willing to pose for me, and there are fourteen assignments plus the final series, this is a bit of a predicament for me. Bearing that in mind, if there is anyone in the Las Vegas area who would like to do a little bit of modeling, please contact me, and we can maybe work something out? Particularly anyone who has unusual pets (meaning anything not cats or dogs, or hamsters/guinea pigs), like snakes.
  • Some samples of what I've done:
an angled head-and-shoulders portrait of a read-haired young woman on a dark background portrait of a young woman in a white patterned sundress sitting on a bench against a grey background portrait of a young latino woman in a brilliant green headscarf, holding it close to her cheek

Also, my Identity series can be seen here.

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